Liberation Ro is officially alive.

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    Liberation Ro is officially alive.

    Post by Grift on Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:42 am

    Welcome and salutations
    to Liberation RO.

    We are currently Live.

    A few basic server stats:

    Max Level: 400 for base, 150 for job.
    Max Stats: 320
    Max ASPD: 197
    Skill After-Cast Delay: 1% of the normal delays.
    @go 0 is our main town, or place, ra_temple.

    We are currently Beta.

    If you are new to this amazing server please go here to download what you need to play!

    Currently you register with the _m or _f as stated on the downloads page. Don't worry a site and a cp and what not will be coming soon.

    Also, take the time to read the forum rules.

    If you wish to donate to this awesome server so it can get even better click here.

    Don't forget to thank Liberation. She worked hard to bring this server to life.
    And is still working to improve it and keep it going.

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