Couple of Bugs.

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    Couple of Bugs.

    Post by Nyte on Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:06 pm

    First, I kept having these two windows pop up whenever I would attack something. One was the stats of the monster, and the other was the window you get when you try to appraise an item. And then, for some odd reason, when I returned to a town, I noticed that my char's hair had somehow turned blue... Was wondering whats going on. Any help would be great. Thanks. Oh.. And it's kinda annoying to get spammed with invitations to one guild, over and over. Might want to talk to the "MvP Reborn" guild about that.

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    Re: Couple of Bugs.

    Post by epharu on Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:29 pm

    maybe your using ring of minor spirits...remove and you should be ok.

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