Forum rules.

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    Forum rules.

    Post by Grift on Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:28 am

    Forum Rules.
    Read 'em. Love 'em. Live 'em.

    We don't have a huge set of rules on Liberation Ro but we do have a few we expect you to follow so things run smooth.

    1. No Trolling. Posting material that is inflammatory or intended solely to offend or provoke other members is called 'trolling', and is not permitted.

    2. Keep spam low. We all know it is cool to have a high post count but keep it in the
    Playful Corner and out of the other forums.

    3.No flaming. Again, except in the the proper forum where you can Let it all out don't flame other users or the server unless you are in the venting forum.

    4.Be nice Respectful, considerate, whatever you want to call it just do it.

    5. Nothing offensive. Nothing Racist, offensive, porn related or anything else that could piss someone off the deep end. It will not be tolerated.

    I hope these rules are easy to follow and most of them are pretty basic.
    The punishment for these will vary based on what you did and if you have done it before.

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